Ukraine’s East/West divide

You can see the video for this article on the euronews website here

Still littered with reminders of its Soviet past the eastern city of Donetsk highlights the East – West divide in Ukraine.

The country is set to go to the polls on Sunday and mostly Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east favour Viktor Yanukovich’s ruling Party of Regions over the opposition.

Valentyn Litvinov, a retired miner lives in Donetsk, he says: “In the past 20 years we haven’t seen so many things achieved: but now schools, nurseries, everything else, roads, airports, everything which needs to be done has started to be done, my only hope is with the Party of Regions.”

But Tatyana Petrova, a former coke plant worker who now sweeps the streets to top up her pension earnings says she will not vote for the Party of Regions again: “I am disappointed with the Party of Regions for many reasons. The pension is small and they don’t raise it, I am over 70 but am still working, I’ve been working for 50 years already.”


But in the western city of Lviv the opposition coalition is far more popular. It includes imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party, as well as the party of heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko.

Vasyl Soroko, a student said: “I expect the opposition to win. At least I hope for it and that life will get better bit by bit.”

But electrician, Andriy Mostovy was more pessimistic: “I doubt that anything will change in the country’s political life. Anyway, I don’t expect any improvement.”


Last year corruption monitor, Transparency International, downgraded Ukraine to the 152nd of 183 countries in the world and this has been a key campaign issue for all parties.

Corruption has been described as a cancer in Ukrainian life which hits personal incomes, kills entrepreneurial spirit and deters vitally needed foreign investment. But regardless of the election result many voters feel that this is unlikely to change.

Angleterre victoire / France défaite

C’était – comme je le prévoyais – un match difficile, et c’est Wayne Rooney qui a marqué le but gagnant après sa suspension lors des deux derniers matchs.Cependant ce n’était pas joli à regarder et le jeu aurait pu finir autrement. En effet,Joe Hart a arrêté beaucoup de balls ce soir et cela pendant toute la compétition.Son équipe lui doit une fière chandelle.

J’ai regardé le jeu à Lyon dans un pub anglais qui diffusait simultanément les deux matchs ce soir.Je ne sais pas si vous pouvez le voir sur la photo mais on peut apercevoir à travers la porte quelques supporteurs Français qui eux regardaient le match France-Suède. Perdre 2-0 contre la Suède n’est pas un très bon résultat avant de jouer contre les favoris – l’ Espagne.Je suis sûr que la France aura besoin d’un miracle pour gagner le prochain match sans cela c’est perdu d’avance…

Mais pour nous,l’Angleterre,qui allons jouer contre l’Italie au prochain tour cela va être tout aussi difficile.Je sais qu’il faudra jouer beaucoup mieux que nous l’avons fait ce soir, mais j’ai la foi. Bonne nuit à tous.

England go through on top

It was – as I predicted – a tough game, and it was Wayne Rooney who scored the scrappy winning goal following his two match suspension. It wasn’t pretty to watch however and the game could have gone either way. Joe Hart has made some cracking saves tonight as he has throughout the competition, and the team have a lot to thank him for.

As you can maybe see from the photo, I caught the game at one of Lyon’s ex-pat pubs, and just through the doorway you can barely make out, was the French game. Losing 2 – 0 to Sweden is not a great result ahead of taking on the favourites – Spain. So I’m sure for France barring a miracle they know it’s already the end.

As for us, we take on Italy in the next round. It’ll be hard and I know we’ve got play a lot better than we did tonight, but I have faith. Good night all.

Euro 2012: Des fans de foot en folie VS une journaliste Ukrainienne

Dans quelques heures, l’Angleterre affrontera l’Ukraine pour valider son ticket pour les quarts de finale de l’Euro 2012. Au travail aujourd’hui, je pense que je peux déjà voir la défaite sur les visages de mes collègues ukrainiens. Ils semblent résignés sur le fait qu’ils perdront ce soir.

A vrai dire, je bluffe un peu. Les jeux ne sont pas encore faits. Surtout après les derniers matchs du groupe A, où la Grèce a envoyé les Russes à la maison… Après avoir vu cela, je me dis que tout est possible. Bien que nous ayons enfin Rooney dans notre equipe, je suis plutôt confiant.

Mais tout n’est pas si rose à l’Euro 2012, et je veux bien utiliser ce post pour mettre en évidence le sort des moins fortunés… les journalistes ukrainiennes. Tout ce que cette pauvre journaliste essaie de faire, c’est un simple stand-up pour la télévision locale… Mais entourée de fans néerlandais – (qui à l’époque, étaient encore en lice) – elle n’arrivera jamais à boucler son tournage. Pas de chance !


Reporter gets pwned by Dutch fans

Just a few hours away England will take on Ukraine to try for their place in the final eight in Euro 2012. At work today I think I can see defeat on the faces of my Ukrainian colleagues already, as they have resigned to the fact they’re going out.

Or actually despite my bluff it’s far from sure, especially following the last games from group A where Greece got through knocking out Russia, after seeing that anything is possible. Although as we finally have Rooney in our line up I’m quietly (or not so quietly) confident.

However it’s not all fun and games at Euro 2012, and I’d like to use this post to highlight the plight of less fortunate… Ukrainian reporters. All this poor girl is trying to do is make a piece to camera for the local news, but surrounded by Dutch fans – who at the time still think they’re in with a chance – it’s just not happening. Truly awful… Truly funny.

Ireland v Croatia: How it happened

My analysis of the Euro 2012 game which saw Croatia beat the Republic of Ireland on June 10. Read the analysis below or you can watch the video on the euronews website here.

Slaven Bilic’s team played with an energy and directness which could cause problems for the other group C teams Italy and Spain.

Two of the Croatian goals came via the head of Mario Mandzukic, the first just three minutes in was a cross by Darijo Srna from just inside the box which was quickly headed to the right of goal out of reach of the Irish keeper..

Sean St. Ledger scored Ireland’s only goal of the game in the 19th minute, but before the half was out Croatia had scored again, a strike by Nikica Jelavić taking the game to 2-1. This goal caused some controversy as it appeared two of Croatia’s players may have been offside.

Three minutes into the second half Bilic’s side scored for a third time with a textbook manoeuvre. Ivan Perišić making a powerful strike into the box that Mandzukic was once again able to get his head to.

The header actually hit the post but was knocked in by unlucky Irish keeper, Shane Given. After the 1-1 draw between Italy and Spain Croatia sit comfortably at the top of their group.