IFA Berlin: Eye-controlled TV and more

The IFA in Berlin is one of Europe’s top electronic show, and offers us an idea of what we can expect to see in our living rooms in the future.

Among the many new technologies on display was a state of the art television presented by Chinese company Haier that the viewer can control with a glance.

Eye tracking technology has already been tested for some years, but this TV – according to the manufacturer – is quite innovative. It allows users to change channel and alter the volume simply by moving their eyes. Furthermore, the viewer is able to scroll through text or menus while watching a programme.

Christophe Chancenest, TV Marketing Manager for Haier, said: “The difference compared to the past is that this technology is very intuitive, very fast. Obviously we are working on additional capabilities, including the ability to scroll text at the desired speed by the viewer. In the future, we would like to integrate this technology into a pair of glasses, for example, which will be able to hold a small device that today, in the demo, is placed on the table.”

Energy efficiency is one of the key aims of new technologies and Miele came up with an innovation of its own. They noted that many consumers use a lot of softener in their washing machines with the added purpose of making their clothes smell nice.

This is not only not very ecological but often the scent doesn’t survive the heat of a tumble dryer. For this reason German manufacturer, Miele, presented a new kind of dryer which takes vials containing natural fragrances, so with just a small amount of liquid the clothes stay smelling fresh for up to four weeks.

There was also a very bright little camera on show, the DSC-RX100 from Sony. Despite its small size it has a very powerful sensor which is able to take pictures in extremely low light.


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Accents was another I did on my own.  It was made in response to ‘Wonders of the Universe’ presented by Brian Cox receiving a record number of complaints as people were struggling to understand him.  This came at the same time that Cheryl Cole was still trying to make her move to X-factor USA before she got turned down.