Russian opposition leader detained

You can see the video for this story on the euronews website here

Russian opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov has was led away by police on Wednesday morning, as authorities began criminal proceedings against him, and other associates, for planning “mass disorder” in protests against President Vladimir Putin.

The charges focus on allegations, made in a pro-Kremlin documentary, which claims Udaltsov received money and orders to cause mass unrest in Russia, from an ally of Georgian President Mikeil Saakashcili. The charges carry a jail sentence of up to 10 years.

The head of the investigation committee, Vladimir Markin, gave a warning to protest leaders:

“I would like to warn all of those who think that one can organise without consequences, massive disorders and terror attacks that threaten the life and health of civilians in our country. You don’t imagine how professional our special services are,and you don’t know our laws and our penal code.”

Udaltsov who has led a series of protests sanctioned by Moscow denies the allegations against him.

His supporters say the Kremlin is conducting a politically motivated crackdown on protest leaders.

Moscow along the river | euronews, life

The second part of the Russian life trip around Moscow, travelling along the Moskva River, from which the city took its name. Once again this was written and presented in Russian by Denis Loktev, and I adapted it narrated for English. Take a look:

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As will be clear for all to see I’ve not updated this thing since Christmas, so I thought I’d start adding a few of the programmes I’ve been working on with euronews. I will start with the last couple of episodes of Russian life, a travel series around the world’s biggest country.

This was directed, written and presented in Russian by Denis Loktev. I adapted it and narrated the last episodes around Moscow in English. The penultimate episode shows Moscow by Metro, I hope you like it:

Moscow by metro | euronews, life.