Fun at the airport

I have recently been traveling around doing a few bits and pieces. On my way back to France I found myself at London’s Gatwick Airport with some time to spare, so I stopped for some lunch at Café Rouge.

As I was waiting and looking at all of the planes go by, I thought I may as well take out the cameras I had in my hand luggage (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 and DMC-FZ28) and took a few shots. Here’s the result, hope you like it.

Edited with Final Cut Pro
Music: Magna Carta – Airport Song As Universal Music Group got upset with me using their song and restricted my video I had to change the music to some free dance music offered by YouTube. It is the first time I saw this option, and I think it’s really quite good!


5 thoughts on “Fun at the airport

    1. 🙂 Well it’s just a big window that everyone can look out of although I was half expecting that someone might tap me on the shoulder at some point and tell me to stop. But it worked out pretty ok in the end, do you like it?

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