Heartbreaking Olympic controversy

I have just heard this story about a women’s Olympic fencing competition and I just felt so sorry for the poor girl involved and had to share it. After four years of preparation, dedication and hard work Shin A Lam of South Korea is facing Britta Heidemann of Germany the women’s individual epee. With just one second to go she just has to hold off the German to go through to the gold medal fight. After a couple of doubles, the score stays the same, the clock stays at one second for another move and then down to zero 0. The Korean should go through but for some reason a full second is put back on the clock. They reset, the German manages to score and Shin is out of gold medal contention. Her hopes of gold gone in a split second, literally. Qfter this Shin staged a 75 minute sit down protest on the piste, for much of the time crying as she could not believe that victory had been snatched away from her in this way, but the result was unchanged. Shin went on to lose her bronze medal fight and Heidemann lost the gold. Thank you to hbuechel for posting the video youtube. What do you think about this? Comment below.


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