Back to blogging

As you’ve taken the time to have a read of this, you’ll see that I have made a few more regular updates to this site, including a lot of the work I have been doing for euronews. If you don’t know the channel is available in multiple languages so I am not responsible for the video editing in any of the content so far, but you can see from this a bit about my writing and my voice, as well as the huge number of topics I’m asked to cover.

Since I’ve been working properly on this site over the last few days I’ve been mostly working as a sports reporter so that content is particularly strong for the moment, but with time I should have a nice wide variety of things to show off. Also if you hover over the blog link you will see my long awaited French blog which I’ll run at the same time.

I’ll also be using this blog to write about my thoughts and life as a journalist in Lyon and Paris for those who want to follow my progress. That’s all for now, more to come soon x


One thought on “Back to blogging

  1. Fun photo. (Did that spikey thing hurt your finger?)

    Meanwhile, I have seen so many people doing similar things to take similar photos in London lately, that I’ve actually started to dream about it. Shudder.

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