England v Sweden: How it happened

My analysis of the Euro 2012 match between England and Sweden on June 15. You can watch the video on the euronews website here, or read below.

England’s victory against Sweden keeps their hopes of going through to the next round very much alive, let’s see how it happened.

The first goal came straight from the text book, in the 23rd minute Steven Gerrard swung an inviting ball into the six yard area that his Liverpool team mate Andy Carroll rose and headed to the back of the net, putting England up 1-0

England continued to play well for the rest of the half but failed to capitalise on a couple of good chances so the score stayed at that.

In the second half the Swedes came out attacking straight away, and in the 48th minute goal-scorer Andy Carrol gave away a dangerous free kick.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s strike hit the wall but then England failed to get it clear. In the mayhem Oluf Mellberg took a powerful shot at goal, which was knocked in by Glen Johnson as he scrambled back to defend.

Just 10 minutes later the Swedes caught the English defence napping. Larsson sent an inviting cross into the box and it was once again Mellberg who was in the right place, hitting the back of the net with a simple header, 2-1 Sweden.

In response to this and Roy Hodgson immediately brought on Theo Walcott for James Milner and the substitution proved to be a master-stroke. In the 63rd minute following a corner – with almost his first touch of the ball – Walcott sent a thundering right foot to the back of the Swedish net taking the score to 2-2

Walcott continued to give the Swedish back four a hard time and in the 77th minute he drove between two defenders on the right before passing to Welbeck, who with an exquisite turn and flick of the heal got the winner.

With this result England now only need a win or a draw against Ukraine to go through to the next round.


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