Englishman wins French X-Factor!

I’ve been back in Lyon for a week now, and while catching up with everyone I’ve been neglecting a lot of the things I intended to do while I’m here, but I’m going to get back into the rythm of doing it now. I had intended to set up another blog in French while I’m here but I’ve already got my Nepal documentary blog for which I’ve just created a new post, and I think maintaining two is enough for now.

Keeping abrest of the news today, the Greek debt crisis seems to be dominating, but I thought it was worth publishing that a Brit last night won the French version of X-factor. Although I found a minor mention on BBC newsbeat as far as I can see it’s escaped attention back home. His name is Matthew Raymond-Barker, he was just here on a 6 month French course and decided to apply and French people love him! (so maybe I’ll apply next year) As he’s won the grand prize of a recording contract with Simon Cowell, I can imagine that he’ll soon be known across the pond as well. Remember you saw him here first!

The french channel M6 who broadcast X-factor in France have blocked most of the X-factor footage so this is the best I could find.


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